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TCWH is committed to providing state-of-the-art services and managerial practices through a community of independent experts.


Purchasing and Operations Management

Purchasing / Operations / Supply Chain

Purchasing and Operations management is at the heart of competitiveness issues and therefore the future of the industry and its businesses. The Purchasing function is strategic in companies of all sizes, from Small and Medium Enterprise to big Corporate, because it contributes directly to quality policy, cost control and the promotion of innovation. Modern operations management requires a pragmatic and experienced leadership, under the responsibility of leaders eager to share the strategy of the company. TCWH offers expertise in team management and the implementation of techniques that are at the heart of digital transformation.

  • Attitude “Business Enabler”
  • Negotiate the need and demand
  • Know the Supplier markets and its trends
  • Build up the Procurement Strategy (Make, Team, Buy) and associated Contracts
  • Manage and adapt the Supplier relations, Capture the Value and Innovations
  • Ensure the best level of Competitiveness (Lead time, Costs, Quality, level of service)
  • Attitude Up-Down stream, vision « End to End »
  • Forecast and plan the needs of procurement to short, mid and long terms
  • Scheduling and launch of needs confident with Project, Production, the internal and external capabilities
  • Ensure the lowest level of inventory
  • Ensure the tracking of flow for goods and documents (incoming and outgoing streams)
  • Ensure a management of Purchase Order/Deliveries/Defaults with the Suppliers and Customers
  • Attitude Lean, cost and lead-time reduction
  • Determine the process and methods for Procurement, integration and production
  • Ensure the producibility and repeatability of strategic procurements and critical internal operations
  • Improve the rate of service, TRS and Takt time and Supplier rate of failure as well
  • Management of multidisciplinary teams (Production, Industrialization, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Warehouse, Logistic, …)
  • Break the habits and partitioning between stakeholders from various backgrounds and experiences
  • Build of common values and vision
  • Simplified Reporting to ex-COM about the operational field

The commercial function

Sales / Business Development / Contracts

The Sales role is the backbone of a successful business. Its role is to link the potential needs of customers with the products or services offering and value. The excellence of a sales manager is not only measured by his ability to sell, but above all by his ability to create a long-term relationship with customers, because loyalty is one of the keys for growth and profitability. The power of the sales force must not be underestimated. Its effectiveness is crucial for the development of the company and business digitization broadens the scope of the skills required. The excellence of the commercial function also requires professional contractual and legal support. TCWH offers its expertise in all components of B2B and B2G sales.


Business Development Strategy Consulting


B2B and B2G Business Development Plan


Support for the implementation of the action plan




Response to calls for tenders


Commercial negotiating


Contract Management


Recruitment of Commercial Resources and Contract Management


Different types of innovation

There are six types of innovation according to the standards * :

  • Product innovation
  • Process innovation
  • Marketing innovation
  • Organisation innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Social innovation

On a daily basis innovation passes through management actions such as :

  • Adapt your organisation,
  • Take ownership of a new technology,
  • Develop and market a new product,
  • Take ownership and / or propose new business model

Innovation is multiple, it is carried in the NewTech by the corporate culture and the modes of operation. In more traditional companies the intervention of an Innovation Manager makes sense. Innovation managers have skills in project management, strategic thinking and leadership. So then they are able to promote collective and individual creativity by putting in place processes of ideation (and industrial prototyping) in adequacy with the risk tolerance of the organization. Innovation is also driven by the key traditional functions for which TCWH also offers its skills: Purchasing, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales functions.

Interim Management

Changement accompaniment

Interim Management is entrusting a specific assignment to an experienced Manager to support a phase of change in the company. Change often generates misunderstandings and hesitations, which is why using external skills to manage or support management teams during an intermediate period can refocus on the objective and energize the project. Management on missions is also effective to start a new activity or a new project, boost a commercial development, set up a new organisation.

TCWH offers its expertise in the key roles involved :


Manage the transformation of the organisation or the digital transformation of Purchasing and Operations.


Manage the definition and implementation of a new governance.


Manage the start of a new project, the implementation of the portfolio of suppliers and the process.


Manage a commercial development for a new product portfolio, a new geographical area, capture new customers, secure loyalty of historical customers, set up a team.