TCWH customers

TCWH is involved in High Tech and in particular in the industry and engineering sectors

TCWH has led several large projects at Thales in the role of bid and project buyer with missions to work upstream on architectures and product design, the definition of industrial organizations and strategies Make-Team-Buy, the pre-selection of suppliers and setting up of the Project Acquisition Plans


TCWH has accompanied a modification of the Purchasing and Supply Chain Department by proposing to occupy a newly created role of Project Supply Chain Leader in a totally immersed role within the teams in order to test the feasibility, measure immediate benefits, obtain the support of teams and define more precisely the position and its missions.


TCWH led a Transition Management mission to a Middle Management position (coaching a team of 12 people) with the objectives i) to maintain a level of management close to the teams to ensure continuity of services, ii) to prepare the job description and objectives of the next Manager iii) propose improvement actions on Process, Tools and Organization, iv) identify potential candidates internally


TCWH participated in the creation of the Operations Department of one of its subsidiaries with the objective of improving competitiveness under the company’s transformation plan. The mission consisted of bringing together the Production, Repair, Industrialization, Supply, Logistics, Entry Control and Purchasing sectors in two sites in France in order to pool resources and expertise and streamline the workloads